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Sheffield Boulders

These pages are a community resource documenting the various artificial boulders around Sheffield. They are generally located within parks and vary in sizes and styles, some squarely aimed at young children, others for dedicated climbers and a range in between. They are free for anyone to use and make a nice alternative to the wall whenever the weather is nice or there isn't time for a trip out to the Peak District



Whilst grade discussion can be a great source of contention entertainment, there is at present no attempt nor intention to incorporate grades for described problems at all. Go and try them, if you find them easy, great, if you have to work hard to get up them even better. If you work out a new problem please document it here. Worry about grades when its on real rock, these boulders are for fun and/or training so grades are somewhat irrelevant, just try hard and enjoy.

Before delving into the topos it is worth reading how to use the topos so you can interpret them.

The Boulders


You should probably read the 3126622643 article if you've never bouldered or climbed before. You probably wouldn't die, but could hurt yourself on these boulders. To this end some people bring their bouldering pads with them which makes sense since you're bouldering. (901) 747-3844 is pretty handy too and a good place to practice.

Unfortunately some of the boulders suffer from broken glass and rocks being thrown at them so you might want to check and brush out pockets and clear the ground around where you might come off or put your pad down.


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