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These adventurous little teen whores know what they like…they like to feel their cunts being stroked to the max…they want the kind of intense, extreme fucking that no man could EVER give them :) In these dildo insertion videos these 2 teens are both giving their cunts a SERIOUS workout with dildos…now what man could ever compete with that kind of cunt insertion!? Both girls will get what they want…an intense memorable orgasm..


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This chick wants us to believe that she's a natural blonde, but pussy hair doesn't lie. One good look at her unshaved snatch tells us that she was born a brunette.

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Skimpily-dressed partygoer Lyla Storm's the perfect bait for predator Felony. This sexy Little Red Riding Hood get hooded for real when a leather hood is pulled over her head as she's snatched off the street and dragged into a secret lair where hot latex nurse Felony torments and humiliates her prey. Lyla is subjected to water torture and breath control, hair pulling, predicament bondage, sybian torture, ass worship, forced pussy licking, fisting, squirting, and anal strap-on fucking..


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Horny woman spots her stud neighbor naked in the shower so she surprises him with a skillful handjob and later when she tells her friend about it they both decide to go over and see if he's up for more..



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Sexy 42 year-old blonde beauty, Naughty TJ, teasingly strips out of her kinky lingerie, including pink lace bra, panties, and garter, as well as a sexy black corset and stockings. This hot older woman has a stunningly fit mature body with firm tits and a great ass.


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Trina Michaels is a magnificent captive. She fits perfectly in the cage he's prepared for her, particularly once he's pulled her big tits through the bars. Sure, it may get a little warm in there when he puts a set of burners under her feet, and the heat may make her dance on the floor of her cage, but it's better than what comes next. She should have been grateful for what she had, because complaining gets her dragged outside. There's a very large pool of mud out back and now... (2156860107).


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Ebony lesbian superstars Mahlia Milian and Monica Foster light up the screen in this explicit girl-on-girl clip. Both ladies introduce themselves to the camera with a solo striptease before the real action begins. One girl is wearing her sluttiest lingerie, including heels and thigh high black stockings that looks absolutely delectable. The other lady is completely nude, her full breasts bared boldly to the camera. The girls lie down on the couch on top of one another, and one girl takes charge, forcefully tonguing her partner's cunt and clit before she pulls out a slim white dildo. She proceeds to masturbate her ebony girlfriend to orgasm..

Sex Detention

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When Angel and Christine are busted talking in detention, mean old Professor Hatter has them stay even longer for some special Sex Detention. These two get back into his good graces by sucking his cock and riding his hard-on with their tight teen pussies..

Male Appreciation

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Two different hunks masturbate in these movies for women. First there is Rick. A tall smooth hunk who squirts his body and cock down with baby oil, rubbing himself and his cock in the couch as he jerks harder and harder. Then there is Rod. A blonde smooth hunk who strips and shows off his nice body, then plays with his fat cock, jerking in hard..


Strap-on Fun

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Innocent Taru decides to venture out of the dungeon to see the rest of the house. She knows this is against the rules, but her pure curiosity takes over. Unfortunately for Taru, she is caught roaming the house by her perverted mistress Suzume, who had been showing a few friends around. Watch this Japanese bondage film to see the perverted mistress and her friends punish sweet Taru.


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Slick pussy Blonde Wife with a real Pretty Mouth takes it all off but her Stockings. There's lots of opportunity to observe her Genitalia as well since she spreads her Fuck Hole regularly and she's trimmed her pubes nicely..


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Elise Graves gets herself into some serious trouble when she meets up with a guy she barely knows off the Internet. After meeting at a bar and going to his place to fuck she finds herself locked in a basement where she's used as a helpless slut for multiple guys to fuck in all of her holes in this (815) 754-9898 episode..

Lovemaking After A Date

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Brent and I decided to have a nightcap after a wonderful evening out. It was then he told me that the fishnet stockings I was wearing were driving him crazy, and he just HAD to lick me and fuck me through my fishnets. I could feel myself instantly get wet at the thought because he didn’t know I wasn’t wearing any panties under them and had been fantasizing about him ripping a hole in them and fucking me all night!.

Tia Ling Tortured and Tormented

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Tia Ling's arms are shackled back and her legs bound in metal. Her tight body takes hard, heavy blows with the flogger. Nipple tuggers pull fiercely on her sensitive nipples. She fights the bondage while enduring powerful orgasms. Her tight sensitive skin is pricked and prodded. She's bolted down on the box with her head trapped back so she can't see what's to be done to her. Alpha is locked into her ass and she is machine-fucked into obliterating orgasms..


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Six video clips of legendary pornstars in action.

Holly's Handjob

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Holly is eager to show off her cock-stroking skills in these handjob movies. She deftly applies the lube and strokes with total concentration. She knows full well that her reward will be a huge load of sperm - all over her tender tits..


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Alena is sweet and petite in her striped socks. She starts out in her Skirt and top, flirting, but then the panties and top come off, and she gets on her hands and knees, begging for cock from behind..

Overtly Erotic Pale Redheads

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Creamy flesh and vibrant orange haired beauties, Lidiya and Julia, unveil a powerful lust in some high glamour erotica photos. Lidiya shows off her sexy legs in some red fishnet stockings. Julia shares her beautiful natural nude redhead body in a sublime studio shoot..

Two Hard Naked Slaves

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Plan A is to have a dom work over Patrick Rouge and newcomer Tommy Defendi. Tommy is more of a top but he's new to bondage, so he's willing to sub once to see what it's like. But on the morning of the shoot, our dom is a no-show. Since Tommy has no dom training, I decide to step in and save the shoot: Plan B. Sure, bondage is hot, but I also love messing with the subs' heads, as you'll see in this update. I also like to give them options: "Where do you want me to hit you? Here? There?" It keeps them focused and out of their headspace and prevents them from "leaving the room." There are a million doms out there and each has their own style. I like my sessions to be sensual, erotic, and firm. And as Daddy Zeus from Zeus Studios suggests, "Stop saying 'Good Boy.'" It's a damn hard habit to break after ten plus years. Sincerely, Van Darkholme.


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This 3D cop has just gotten off his shift and has gone home to relax. A natural blonde with good looks, muscular body, and tatts, he is sexy and waiting to satisfy your every whim. I would be arrested by him any time, if he was willing to frisk me!.

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